Protecting Employee Rights

State and federal laws protect workers in many ways, but taking advantage of these protections is no easy task. When you need to stand up for your rights as an employee, it can be crucial to have the help of a lawyer with experience in worker protections and employment law.

At the Law Office of Stephen Renick, we help workers from a wide variety of industries and personal backgrounds to recover the compensation and benefits they need and deserve. We work with such issues as:

  • Workers' compensation
  • Work-related injuries
  • Work-related illnesses
  • Wage and hour violations
  • Misclassification of employees
  • Wage theft

To make a case in any of these legal matters, the key component is often evidence. You may feel that your employer is ripping you off, but you need evidence to support your claim.

We have decades of legal experience that give us the knowledge of the evidence, the procedures and the strategies you need to pursue fair compensation. We care about our clients, and when we represent you, we work hard to help you reach your legal goals.

Experienced Representation In Employment Law

Our founding attorney, Stephen E. Renick, is a lifelong resident of South Florida and has been practicing law since 1987. Mr. Renick is the only workers' compensation attorney who has his primary office in Homestead, Florida, and may be one of the only workers' compensation attorneys who will travel to the Keys to meet with his clients face to face. He offers the kind of personal attention that only a solo law practice can provide, along with the high quality of legal services that you might expect from a much larger law firm.

Mr. Renick is dedicated to helping employees and other individuals in employment law, workers' compensation, Social Security Disability, personal injury and more. To find out more about Mr. Renick, follow the link below:

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We represent individuals in Homestead and throughout South Florida, including the Florida Keys.