3 Important Points About Workers' Compensation In Florida

If you got hurt at work or suffered a work-related illness, you are probably uncertain about what your rights are. With medical bills piling up, and lost income from work, you need to be sure that you get the workers' compensation you are eligible for.

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Until we can talk in person, here are some important things to know about how the workers' compensation process works in Florida.

Types Of Benefits Available Through Workers' Compensation

There are several different types of benefits available through workers' compensation or related programs.

Medical benefits are the most immediate need for most injured workers. In general, all reasonable and necessary expenses are supposed to be covered, including medications and other supplies approved by the doctor.

Payment for lost pages is of course another key benefit of a workers' comp claim. These benefits start to come into play if you have been out of work for more than seven days.

You may also be eligible for certain re-employment or vocational rehabilitation services if you aren't able to go back to your old job. And in cases of permanent disability, there may be Social Security Disability benefits available.

Workers' Comp Benefits Determined By Injury Classification

The benefits that are available depend on whether your injury is temporary or permanent, as well as whether it is partial or total. Categories include:

  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Permanent total disability

Timeline For Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary disability benefits end when a worker reaches "maximum medical improvement."

In 2016, the Florida Supreme Court struck down a state statute that sets a 104-week cap on temporary disability. If a worker has not reached maximum medical improvement, temporary disability benefits can continue up to five years.

Take Immediate Action After A Work Injury

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